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Dr. Lifeng Kang obtained his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore in 2006 in Department of Pharmacy where he worked with Professor Sui Yung Chan. His thesis was on organic gel for drug delivery. Upon graduation, he was awarded an NUS-Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship. Afterwards he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study tissue engineering using hydro-gel in Professor Ali Khademhosseini lab ( and Professor Robert Langer lab ( He focused on the development of embryonic stem cells and cardiac progenitor cells in microwell arrays fabricated with hydro-gels for tissue regeneration.  He also studied hydro-gel as drug carriers for his M.S. degreeกก(2001) with Professor Yiqiao Hu ( ) in China Pharmaceutical University where he completed his undergraduate study as well. Dr. Lifeng Kang has published 2 books, 47 peer-reviewed papers, 59 abstracts and filed 5 patent applications.


Dr. Lifeng Kang

Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney

Pharmacy and Bank Building A15, NSW 2006, Australia

Office: +61 286276361

Mobile: +61 403450819



Kang Lab, Pharmacy and Bank Building A15, Science Road, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia