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I am Nguyen Duc Viet, from Viet Nam. As a physics major, I obtained my BSc. from the Vietnam National University in 2008 and PhD from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006 under Prof. Xiang-Yang Liu Biophysics & Micro/nanostructures lab. After that, I did my postdoc in Prof. Theo Kofidis Myocardial Restoration Lab in NUS Currently, I am working on transdermal delivery systems, e.g., hydrogels, organogels, microneedles and 3D printing applications in drug delivery & medical devices. (






Graduate Students


Hi, my name is Seng Han Lim. Working in a hospital for the past ~3 years made me determine to research on new drug delivery system that is able to deliver drugs accurately, efficiently and yet, does not cause an increased pill burden for the patient. One way is through the transdermal route which posts a number of challenges at this stage of technology. Hopefully, with my research in transdermal drug delivery, it will be able to benefit many patients out there who have difficulties swallowing medications or those with a fear of injection. (




Hi, my name is Justin Tan and I am a graduate of Pharmacy (Class of 2014) from the National University of Singapore. My research work studies the effects of various herbal extracts on hair follicular regeneration and toxicity and also the development of a topical delivery system for alopecia therapy. I enjoy computer/ video games, hanging out with family and friends in my free time and occasionally, watch the television. I will be looking forward to making contributions towards the advancements of drug discovery and delivery. (




Hi, my name is Michelle Bian, a bioengineering major, graduated from the Nanjing Normal University in 2017. I enrolled in Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney for my graduate study in 2018. My research topic is on transdermal drug delivery by using micro-structured biomaterials. I am willing to make efforts to this topic and hope that patients who suffer can be benefit from my research findings. At the same time, I am really excited to study in a foreign country and enjoy my life in the University of Sydney.( )




Alumni (Graduate)

Himanshu Kathuria (Graduated in 2018), NUS, Singapore ( )

Dr. Hairui Li (Graduated in 2016), 3M, Singapore

( )

Dr. Jing Pan (Graduated in 2014), Skinetrate, Singapore

( )

Dr. Jaspreet S. Kochhar (Graduated in 2013), P&G Singapore

( )

Sara Faraji Dana (Graduated in 2013), USA

( )

Jun Yan (2011-2012), Singapore

( )


Alumni (Undergraduate)



Honor student: Asim Farzan Fahiz

Summer student: Muhammad Nashrudin Bin Jamaludin



FYP: Cha Saera, Tiew Wen Jun, Muhd Hafiz Bin Amir, Yeo Shih Hui, Dennis Lim, Chou Keat Onn

UROPS: Lee Chun Chuan



FYP: Ng Jian Yao, Andy Chow, Mok Zi Huan, Au Yong Shi Ya, Kristacia Kang, Lin ShuˇŻE

UROPS: Nguyen Thi Phong Diep



FYP: Chew Woon Seng, Michelle Fong, Neo Zhi Ying, Teh Xiang Sheng, Toh Pei Zhen



UROPS: Fadhli Zil Ikram Adesta, Huynh Minh Phuong

FYP: Bok Ke Xin, Foo Wei Yan, Huang Wenya Naomi, Low Yong Sheng Jason, Neo Jun Kai



SCIENTIA: Soon Wei Jun

UROPS: Zou Shui

FYP: Chong Hui Ping, Lim Wan Xuan Selina, Parthiban S/O Anbalagan, Ruan Xu Cong, Wong Xin Yi Cheryl



SCIENTIA: Quek Ten Cheer

UROPS: Ni Huanzhen, Tung Yeekei, Yu Yuan, Zou Shui

FYP: Kuek Qi Min, Liew Xin Yi Cindy, Mah Choon Siong



UROPS: Duan Linxin, Kuan Yu Heng, Low Chang Yee, Wong Bin Sheng

FYP: Lim Seng Han, Tay Wen Shu Terence



SCIENTIA: Joshua Wong Miswardi, Lim Jia Wei, Wong Yan Zhi Nicholas

UROPS: Chew Yue Xin Cindy, Goh Wei Jiang, Hiew Tze Ning


Kang Lab, Pharmacy and Bank Building A15, Science Road, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia